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Validate ( from source code)

Validation from source code is an alternative to validation from SkaDate System Tools plugin.

Steps list in this manual require basic FTP and server management skills. Use this method only when SkaDate system Tools plugin is not accessible.

To validate SkaDate license key from source code:

  • access source code of SkaDate software from your server. Ex: File manager via cPanel or FTP client.
  • navigate to the website’s root directory ( ex: /public_html)
  • open index.php file
  • find line:
  • add following code after the above line:
    if (isset($_GET['check']))
  • save changes
  • openĀ  http://yoursiteURL.com/admin/plugins?check URL in any browser to finalize validation. Make sure to replace http://yoursiteURL.com with your site URL.