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Unlicensed Plugin/Theme Notice

It appears that following plugins/themes obtained through Oxwall Store and installed on your website (http://www.sitename.com/) have failed license verification check:

"Hot List"
"PayPal Billing"
"Paid Membership"

To continue using these plugins/themes, please make sure that all license keys for the listed plugins/themes are valid. Note that you may need to enter license keys manually in the Admin area: http://www.sitename.com/admin/plugins

Notice is received as email notification and contains list of plugins included into default SkaDate package **. You have 3-5 days to validate your license.

Email that contains SkaDate products only  indicates that license key used for SkaDate software package failed to validate automatically.  Unlicensed items will also be highlighted in red in Admin panel.


**If notice includes third party plugins from Oxwall Store that do not belong to SkaDate , please contact plugin owners with this matter directly.